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About Us

EncephalX is a start-up working on the development of new universal and innovative products specific to neurosurgery. The community of experts that we are assembling supports us in our development process and helps us to understand the real problems experienced in this domain.

The new Dynamic Cranioplasty System (DCPS) proposed by EncephalX will significantly reduce the risk of complications for patients treated for head trauma, stroke or subdural hematoma. This technological breakthrough is the result of multidisciplinary work between engineering and neurosurgery and is now patent pending.

Our mission

To improve the quality of life of patients treated through neurosurgery with adapted products that promote a rapid and uncomplicated recovery.

Towards the summit
of neurosurgery

We strive to be a world leader in neurosurgical instruments. Our research and technological innovations are just a small demonstration of what EncephalX can accomplish.

Universal device,
a peace of mind

We have studied the procedures and products on the market to offer a complete solution for hospitals. The DCPS's simplicity, consisting of specialized plates and screws, will ensure trouble-free surgeries, keeping patients and health care professionals' heads at peace.

for both parties.

2nd surgery

EncephalX's origami-inspired dynamic system will be the most adapted product to offer a combined intervention for the treatment of intracranial increased pressure. Currently divided into two interventions, the targeted treatment has a high rate of complications. By eliminating the need to perform the second surgery, the associated risks will be significantly reduced.



This new practice will be performed during the first and only surgical procedure. Our device provides a cerebral protection that limits the possibility of injuries caused by impacts and removes the risk of skin collapse, better known as "sinking flap syndrome". This reduces the incidence of complications such as paralysis and infections.


Our system, which will be installed on the patient’s skull, is designed to ensure that the installation does not affect the aesthetic outcome of patients. As one of the thinnest plates available on the market, it will promote rapid healing to improve the appearance of scars.


The rehabilitation period for the surgical treatment of an increased intracranial pressure will now be reduced by several weeks due to the combined procedure. Patients will be medically discharged faster, which will also reduce the costs associated with the hospitalization time.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to answer you and to better inform you on the company, the projects and the next steps for EncephalX.

to everyday problems

Head injuries are the leading cause of death for young adults in North America. However, the care provided is associated to a lot of complications and is very costly for the health care system. The treatment involves the removal of a large part of the skull for a period of two months. After this initial procedure, these patients' brains are left extremely vulnerable until their bone flap is reinstalled during the second surgery.



EncephalX has officially closed its first round of financing! The company now has the resources it needs to accelerate its regulatory path and prepare for large-scale manufacturing.

Our team

Dr Christian Iorio-Morin

CMO & neurosurgeon

Simon Lapointe

CEO & Founder

Marc-André Hachey


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